Acupuncture for diagnosis and treatment of arthritis is now becoming more prevalent but having your skin savagely poked with a series of long needles doesn’t exactly sound like ideal comfort, especially when you’re already managing arthritis diagnosi energetica acca, a rheumatoid disease characterized by it’s trademark stiffness and pain. The ancient Chinese would beg to differ, along with the estimated fifteen million Americans who’ve tried the ancient Chinese needle therapy called acupuncture.

Across the Asian continent, acupuncture has been useful for generations to ease the apparent symptoms of chronic pain sufferers, like arthritis patients, for instance. Prospective “acupokees” should remember that acupuncture therapy is employed for treating arthritis, not diagnosing it. Although patients should garner a arthritis diagnosis before signing up for acupuncture therapy.

Studies in Arthritis and Acupuncture

Significantly more than twenty million Americans deal with osteoarthritis (there are various types of the condition, however). In fact, osteoarthritis is amongst the most frequent causes for physical disability in adults. Despite a history spanning more than two thousand years, it absolutely was 2001 before acupuncture was found to help arthritis in the knee with a study by the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

The research included 570 osteoarthritis patients over age fifty who’d never before received acupuncture, surgery, or steroid injections. A control group was selected and these individuals received regular sessions of acupuncture. By the conclusion of the first week, the acupuncture group experienced a surge in mobility and by the finish of the analysis the group reported a forty percent reduction in pain and a forty percent escalation in knee function.

Using Acupuncture For Treating Arthritis

Bigwigs of Western medicine aren’t exactly sure precisely how acupuncture works to fight arthritis and similar diseases, however the skilled acupuncture who administer the therapy have a concept or two. According to therapeutic philosophy, pain is caused by a blockage of among life’s essential energies, qui. Stimulating certain points will put the flow of qui back in balance again, thus alleviating chronic pain in the process - Volia! A 1999 study even found evidence that acupuncture improves sleep.


During acupuncture therapy, very thin needles are inserted into precise point in skin, these points are called acupoints. It’s these acupoints that will have the greatest influence on the bond between treating arthritis with the use of the acupuncture therapy. In addition to being poked and prodded, acupoints also react to magnets, currents of electricity, acupressure (hand pressure), lasers and even bee stings. Acupuncture practitioners have been proven to administer herbs along side wielding out some suggestions about making lifestyle changes at in conclusion of a session.

Studies demonstrate that a number of designated acupoints are in reality attached to sensitive bio-trigger points full of nerve endings. And further studies reveal that tinkering around with those triggers can create a mirage of biological responses, one of many responses being the chemical release of endorphins. The release of endorphins is pivotal to acupuncture’s influence on arthritis since the chemical serves as your body’s own response to Advil, Tylenol and Motrin, as a natural painkiller.